Kalimba Reptile Park was officially opened by his Excellency, the President Frederick Chiluba in 1995. The Reptile Park was conceived to be the extension of Kalimba Farm. It was the first crocodile farm in the world to be integrated with aquaculture, duck farming, and cattle in 1985. Kalimba is a family run enterprise predominantly run by women.

Sustainability, conservation and animal welfare

Sustainability, conservation and animal welfare are very important to us. For example, we have chosen to raise a species of Tilapia (Bream) that is indigenous to Zambia. They live together with the ducks whose natural waste feeds phytoplankton which in turn forms part of the diet of the fish.

A focus on quality

All of our products such as Crocodile meat, top quality free range Pekin duck, Tilapia (Bream), and free range, grass fed beef are farm-reared by us. All our burgers and sausages are all homemade.

Improving local biodiversity

The farm is a project that has created much biodiversity in the area, creating a natural habitat for the animals on the farm, but also a sanctuary for many wild animals and birds that come here to seek shelter and food. You will see some of the vast amount of birds that have come to nest around the crocodile and fish ponds.

A centre for education

Kalimba Reptile Park has become a ‘rite of passage’ for many Lusaka school children and is proud to be a centre for education about conservation and reptile protection. We are visited by a large number of children and adults alike, therefore breaking many myths and misconceptions about snakes and reptiles amongst the local population.

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