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From K95 • Game Meat
Delicately smoked crocodile tail fillet. Melts in your mouth, delicious sliced thinly with a squeeze of lime and freshly ground black pepper, perfect for fine dining.
Edible Oil
Duck fat is considered the healthy alternative for frying foods, it is high in beneficial unsaturated fats, plus it is delicious! Perfect for roasting potatoes.
From K35 • Agribusiness
Whole bream fish fresh from our ponds, low in fat and a source of omega-3 fatty acids.
From K45 • Meat & Poultry
Free range international quality whole duck. Perfect for roasting and special family meals.
From K120 • Meat & Poultry
Free range international quality duck breast. The perfect tender, juicy meat to impress your guests, easy to prepare and always delicious!
From K60 • Meat & Poultry
Free range international quality duck legs, they taste great braised in rich sauces, slow cooked or turned into a confit. Perfect for a special meal, or when entertaining guests for a dinner party.
From K40 • Meat & Poultry
Delicious free range duck liver, rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins including Vitamin A and nine essential amino acids. Perfect for making pâté.
From K45 • Egg & Egg Products
A tray of 30 duck eggs, more nutritional than chicken eggs, duck eggs are rich in protein, high in calories and have a richer taste and a creamier consistency.
From K150 • Skin Care
150ml,300ml or 500ml of pure crocodile oil known for it’s many health benefits. Great for skin, hair and also anti inflammatory an anti microbial!

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